Most Recent Vaginal Mesh Settlement Involves 500 Avaulta Mesh Lawsuits

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Most Recent Vaginal Mesh Settlement Involves 500 Avaulta Mesh Lawsuits

In a news release that came out in one online media source, it was reported that mesh manufacturer C.R. Bard has agreed to settle more than 500 Avaulta mesh lawsuits pending in different state and federal courts. It was clarified that the early settlements made by the company, including the lawsuit that was supposed to go to trial in May 2014 as part of the multidistrict litigation (MDL) in West Virginia, were not part of these latest settlements.

These developments were made known when C.R. Bard submitted its quarterly report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 25, 2014. In the same report, it was revealed that the company and representatives of the plaintiffs are currently having negotiations for a possible Avaulta mesh lawsuits settlements.

The most recent report indicated that there were over 12,500 Avaulta mesh lawsuits pending in several courts across the United States. These lawsuits came about after women allegedly experienced severe complications after being implanted with the Avaulta vaginal mesh for the treatment of their pelvic floor disorders. The pain and suffering experienced by these women have been described as horrific and devastating, based on accounts that appear in sites such as

The Challenges of Menopause

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The Challenges of Menopause

In the past few years, we have been witness to a controversy that may have a huge impact on women’s health and particularly women who have passed the menopausal stage. We are referring here to the thousands of injuries sustained by women after being implanted with the vaginal mesh devices supposedly to address their pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Women in the thousands have been filing vaginal mesh lawsuits with the aim of getting compensation for their mesh injuries.

The Menopausal Stage

It is indeed unfortunate that most of the women injured are those who are into the menopausal stage. Simply said, menopause is the permanent end of the woman’s menstruation. On the average, menopause starts at the age of 51 years although there may be others who may start earlier and still others a few years later. Menopause can be very tough for any woman due to the accompanying symptoms that may range from hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems, mood swings, headaches, abnormal bleeding, and palpitations.

Menopause and the Loss of the Hormone Estrogen

It is also during this stage the estrogen levels drop causing problems to the woman. For one, this leads to vaginal dryness that may result to sexual problems. Secondly, this loss of estrogen contributes to urinary symptoms that can be very distressing. This has in fact led these women to have vaginal mesh sling procedures in the hope of managing these urinary problems. But sadly these have caused only injuries that have prompted these middle-age women to seek legal representation on the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers.

Long Term Risks of Menopause

While the initial symptoms of menopause may eventually pass, there will always be long term challenges mainly brought about by the loss of estrogen. One of these would be the dreaded heart disease which is very common among menopausal women. Another would be the devastating pelvic floor disorders such as POP and SUI. It is no wonder that many of these women have tried vaginal mesh surgeries to improve their conditions only to face severe complications that may result to serious injuries. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been compelled to come up with a public advisory warning of the risks associated with these vaginal mesh devices.

Another issue that has become increasingly alarming is the number of hip injuries that have resulted from osteoporosis, a condition associated with the loss of estrogen in women. Many of these women have been forced to undergo hip replacement surgeries. While others have regained their mobility, a vast number of these women who were implanted with metal implants have suffered severe complications. It has been learned from a hip recall center that thousands already have filed hip replacement lawsuits to recover compensation for the injuries they sustained.

Menopause a Special Phase in a Woman’s Life

Even with these challenges, menopause can usher a new and rewarding life for a woman. She many now encounter new sensations and experiences that may offer great joy and fulfillment. And of course, if the symptoms are really affecting one’s life, there are always treatment options that will make her life more comfortable. Continue Reading »

Screening Tests Every Woman Should Undergo

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Screening Tests Every Woman Should Undergo

Much as we hate to admit it, we cannot deny the reality that as a woman gets older, the risk of getting diseases increases as well. While there are those who remain healthy until old age, health records would show that majority of these women are exposed to these medical risks.

It is with this in mind that women are urged to undergo screening tests in order to minimize the risk of developing medical conditions. Medical experts on women’s health recommend that screening test for the following medical conditions should be undertaken.

Breast Cancer

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